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Mondriaan Foundation Annual Report

Client: Mondriaan Foundation
Sort of work: Annual report
Date: 2008
Printrun: 2500+1000
Pages: 220+40

Pricewinner: Best Dutch Book Design 2008
and Honourable mention, Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt 2009
[14 books choosen from 700 books, 38 different countries]

Transparency and navigation are the important aspects for this annual
report of the Mondriaan Foundation.

[FIGURATIVE] TRANSPARENCY The Mondriaan Foundation disseminates
a lot of information. In the annual report all applicants are named in full,
also the rejected applications and further objections are disclosed.
This can create vulnerability. As a result, this information makes
the reader also curious. The chapters containing this sensitive information
are wrapped, as protection, and can be opened separately [pic. 1]
This gesture of the Mondriaan Foundation, issuing the private annual
report like it is a present [to be opened like a present] shows how
transparent the foundation is.
[LITERALLY] TRANSPARENCY The thick lines on the back of the page
can be seen through the other side where the numbers are, creating
a table-format through the use of thin paper.

NAVIGATION If these chapters have been torn open, they automatically
become tabs [pic. 1]. Each chapter has its own colour. There are arrows
in the text that refer the reader to related subjects. On every page there
is a guide stating the current chapter number in larger font. There is
an appendix containing a list of applicants for subsidies at the back
of the report.